Crochet Hair Braids Starting Rates:

Pre Styling Services 

Hair Detangling $25 

Excessive Hair Detangling $45

Basic Hair Moisturizing $10.00 (Free with all services)

Hair Moisturizing $25.00 

Extensive Hair Moisturizing $45.00

Scalp Oiling $7 

Crochet Hair Braids

Add On - Custom Cornrow Hair Bridges

A customized hair bridge is added to the cornrow foundation base, in replace of hair loss or thinning hair. Please note a hair consultation is required!


Add On - Extension Hair

Extension hair is added to cornrow foundation base of crochets hair braiding style, wigs or weaves with human or synthetic loose braiding hair. Service offered to provide extra protection to the cornrow base and locks moisture into the natural hair.

Add - Weaving Net

Service offered to those suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and more.  This is recommended for clients that not like the cornrow look of crochet braids. Please note a hair consultation is required! 

Loose Thick Afro /Marley Hair Fibers Synthetic Braiding Hair Crochet Hair Braids 

- $65 and up!


Loose Thin Fiber Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids 

- $65  and up!


Loose Speciality Premium Thin Fine Fiber Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids

- $65 and up!

Loose Speciality Human and Synthetic Mixed Hair Crochet Braids

- Hair consultation required.

Loose Human Hair Crochet Braids call for a quote!

- Hair consultation required.

Pre-Looped Braids/Twist/Locs Hair - Crochet Hair Braids 

- Crochet Braids -Large - Size $65.00  and up!  

- Crochet Braids -Medium Size $65.00  and up! 

- Crochet Braids - Small Size $65.00 and up! 

- Crochet Braids - Micro/Rope $65.00  and up! 

- Gypsy Faux/Goddess Locs  $65.00 and up!


Crotchet Braids with a Basic Cornrow Design

- Pre-Looped Twist/Braids/ Locs $65.00  and up!


Crotchet Braids with a Basic Cornrow Design

- Braided Mohawks crochet braid $65. 00 and up!

Crochet Braids Individuals / Singles with pre-looped Large size Twist or Braids 

- $65.00 and up! 


Crochet Braiding hair manual handmade braids and twist, call for pricing.

Touch-Up's and Other


Crochet Braids Touch-Ups 
Latch Hook Touch-up add new hair, cut trim existing hair) note hair texture may not look consistent due to worn mixing of new and worn installed hair. Touch ups are done up to 4 weeks, after installation.