Crochet Hair Braid Specialist

Tangireen Naturals Hair Braiding Lounge provides professional crochet hair braiding services for all hair type. Tangireen Naturals specializes in crochets hair braids for clients with alopecia and hair thinning.

Tangireen Naturals crochet braids flawless installation techniques are often mistaken for expensive hair weaves or wigs. Except TRNHBL crochet hair braids are worn as an up- do, ponytail, pin curls, Afro and various other styles! Tangireen Naturals offers crochet hair braids in a variety of hair choices loose human hair, loose synthetic hair, pre-looped single braids, faux/goddess locs and hair twist, individual crochet hair braids and single perimeter edges. Tangireen Naturals offers take down services and a free hair ordering service.

Tangireen Naturals Braids is not a commercial hair braiding facility. Tangireen Naturals is a private crochet hair braid lounge. My services are ideal for those seeking privacy, managing a busy schedule and moms. Tangireen Naturals crochet hair braids are long lasting, versatility and durable protective perfection.

Tangireen Naturals Crochet Hair Braids primary goal is assisting clients achieve and maintain healthy hair, thicker hair edges and length retention. Enjoy a professional flawless crochet hair braids installation performed with a pain free soft touch, minimum pull and proper hair proportions de-stressing on those precious hair edges.

Schedule a free hair braiding consultation and/or crochet hair braiding appointments by calling or texting 619-972-7069 or 24/7 online booking. Ask about our after hour’s appointments, in stock hair inventory (for speedy appointment), free online hair ordering service and 7-day hair braiding service guarantee.

Choose a seasoned crochet hair braider, with over 20 year of experience perfecting a flawless, durable and versatile crochet braid installation technique. Confident in our services we offer a service installation guarantee and our prices are not fluid, but printed and listed online. Tangireen Naturals handmade hair care products are used to maintain a healthy head of hair, promoting hair growth and adding length to your natural hair. Made with the finest plants and animal based ingredients.  

Types of Crochet Braiding Hair:
  • Crochet Hair Braids – Loose Thick Afro Fiber Human and Synthetic Hair
  • Crochet Hair Braids -  Loose Thin Fiber Synthetic Hair
  • Crochet Hair Braids – Loose Premium Fine Thin Fiber Synthetic Hair
  • Crochet Hair Braids -  Loose Mixed Human and Synthetic Hair
  • Crochet Hair Braids -  Loose Human Hair
  • Crochet Hair Braids  - Pre- Braided, Twisted or Faux/Goddess Locs Hair
Crochet braiding styles:
  • Loose Bulk Braiding Hair – Human or synthetic with a straight, wavy or curly hair pattern.
  • Crochet Braids – Half and half styles with bantu knots, mohawks or designer cornrows, installed with any options hair types.
  • Crochet Hair Braids - Individuals / Singles Locs, Twist or Braids singles around the hair edges with manual or pre-looped hair.
  • Crochet Braid - Individuals goddess or faux locs wrapped from hair roots.
  • Crochet Hair Braids Wigs
Crochet hair braiding patterns:
Tangireen Naturals Braids, Crochet Hair Braiding patters are a personalized cornrow base foundations designed for each client head structure. Our handmade products protect your natural hair from damage and excessive breakage, replenishes and nourished hair scalp, smell fantastic and enjoy the tingling sensation on your scalp, from the use of natural essential oils.
Crochet Braids with Individuals Perimeter Edges:
Singles comes in a variety of Crochet Hair Braids hair types of twist, braids and faux Locs.
Please note: Pre-Looped Locs can be heavier when worn as single faux Locs. Based on the additional hair weight caused by the pre-hair Locs density, volume and length weight. Please note, we do not install more 90 pre-looped crochet faux or goddess Locs, due to the overall stress of the weight added to the natural hair.
Seniors, veterans and 1st time clients receive a 10% discount on all crochet braiding services. Clients receive a free basic moisturizing treatment, toothbrushes for edges;snack and 50% off crochet braid take down services installed, by Tangireen Naturals Hair Braids.

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Order Bulk , Braid, or Pre-Braided hair from any of the Online Beauty Supply Stores listed below. Please order hair a week in advance of appointment to ensure timely delivery. Look for the "Braid" or "Braiding Hair" section.

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**Tangireen Naturals Hair Braiding Lounge is not affiliated with any of the above online beauty supply stores. This information is a list of known resources for bulk/braiding hair compiled as a courtesy to anyone who desires to use it.  If you have questions about an online order you submitted as a result of using this list,  (i.e., shipping or payment) please contact the merchant directly to resolve the matter.  

 This list is subject to change as more local and online resources become available.