Tangireen Naturals Moisturizing Hoit Oil Treatment: Provides nourishment to damaged natural or chemically treated hair. Seeing sing of hair breaking or dryness. Rehydrate and repair your hair with a hot oil treatment. Infused with 7 precious penetrating oils, our formula silken and illuminates for healthy-looking, smooth, shiny hair. Leaves hair feeling nourished and smoother.  Fortified rich in vitamins A, B, D, E, and B5 , all while moisturizing the scalp and soften the hair.

Hot Oil Treatment 1.5 oz

  • Why Not Use Naturals? Tangireen Naturals organic hair care experience that takes minimal effort, while producing rejuvenating results.

    DIRECTION OF USE: Warm a pot of water once the water has come to a complete boil, place our hot oil container in a cup of hot water. Be careful not to spill, Put the oil in a separate container and place it in the pot of warm water until the oil warms up. CAUTION, DO NOT LET THE HOT OIL OVER HEAT. Take out of cup after 4 minutes. 

    This product is intended of multiple use, minimum 2 depended o n hair length and thickness. A Little Goes a long way....

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